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A TRAIL OF EMBERS by C.A. Kinnee C.A. Kinnee's A Trail of Embers book cover

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A girl, a dragon’s egg & a dark Mage

Winter’s gloom spreads and spring fails to arrive. The people of the walled city of Vendonne grow hungry. Whispers of omens flourish. Anyone different stands out . . .

That’s not new to the outcast, Meara. In a city of blonde, blue-eyed inhabitants, her dark hair and gray eyes put a target on her back. Meara has no memory of where she came from, nor does she remember life outside the great walls. She does what she must to survive.

When she stumbles on a mysterious orb, she thinks it’s treasure. But Meara’s wealth is a dragon’s egg stolen from its nest. Its hatching will bring harmony between the people of Helligon and the dragon, Shakala.

On the egg’s trail is the tracker, Kieran. It was his mistake that let the egg be taken.

There is another hunting the egg, someone more powerful than a street girl, a tracker and an unhatched egg. The Mage of Remarne believes that the blood of the egg will strengthen his magic and grant him immortality.

Can Meara, Kieran, and the egg stay ahead of the Mage? To do so, they must follow the trail of embers leading to Meara’s past.

Will the Prophecy of the Egg be fulfilled?

DEATH BY SÉANCE by Jo-Ann Carson
A Ghost & Abby Mystery, Book 3

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Love, Lies & Lust to Die For

Single Mom Abby Jenkins hunts for a murderer in Sunset Cove, the small Pacific Northwest town famous for all things that go bump in the night.

Abby is the night janitor in the haunted teahouse and only private detective in town. She’s also a reluctant witch with major man-trouble. Blackmailed into attending a séance, she expects to wrestle with a cranky ghost or two, but instead finds herself in the middle of a murder.

Seven people attend the event; some human, some not so much. They have one thing in common: a murky past.

After Abby washes blood off her hands, she’s left with her first whodunit. With the help of her partners in crime: Eric, the Viking ghost with existential issues; Dante, the local Casanova-man-witch; and Sparky, her snarky familiar, she digs into the secrets of the cove.

Will she survive to tell the tale?

THE BRIDE WORE CONSTANT WHITE: A Steampunk Mystery Novel by Shelley Adina

Mysterious Devices, Book 1

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A bride in search of safety. Young ladies in search of their father. A man in search of self-respect. But in the Wild West, you always find more than you’re looking for…

Margrethe Amelia Linden (Daisy to her friends) is a young woman of gentle upbringing, some talent as a watercolorist, and firm opinions that often get her into trouble. Determined to find her missing father, in the summer of 1895 she sets out for the last place he was seen: the Wild West. It’s a rude shock when her younger sister stows away on the airship—such behavior no doubt the result of her unsuitable friendship with Maggie Polgarth and the Carrick House set.

On the journey, friendship blooms between Daisy and Miss Emma Makepeace, who is traveling to the Texican Territories as a mail-order bride. When Emma begs the girls to delay their search by a day or two in order to stand with her at the altar, Daisy is delighted to accept.

But the wedding day dawns on a dreadful discovery. Within hours the Texican Rangers have their man—but even in her grief, Daisy is convinced he cannot have killed her friend. She must right this terrible mistake before he hangs … and before the real culprit realizes that two very observant young ladies are not going to allow him to get away with murder …

“It’s hard not to sound like a broken record when talking about a series that continues to do the same thing right every time—but I have to say it again: I love how these women work together. I love how we can have several capable, intelligent, skilled women who are happy to work together without competing, without hating each other, without unnecessary dislike or conflict, without jealousy, without rivalry but with genuine friendship and respect. … All of this comes with some excellent writing.” —Fangs for the Fantasy, on Fields of Gold

THE MAN WHO HATED CHRISTMAS and other short stories by Alice Valdal

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This is a collection of five short stories, two contemporary and three historical.

These stories aren’t strictly romance, although there is a romantic thread in some of them. Rather, the tales point to the heightened emotions of the season, to the possibility of the holy in ordinary lives and to the joy of Christmas morning.

The settings range from a modern day small town to an impassable mountain road in the late nineteenth century, to a prairie home where a war bride struggles with the challenges of her new life. Whatever the setting, Christmas comes unexpectedly to those who have forgotten why we celebrate.



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