Victoria–Foxborough Hills Clubhouse, 4360 Emily Carr Drive

From the north:  Take the McKenzie Exit on the left and follow until you reach the Highway 17 North Exit on the right.  Follow the highway north until you reach the Quadra Exit on the right.  Take it and turn right onto Quadra and immediately get into the left lane for the turn onto Chatterton. If coming from the south, go right on Quadra and if coming from the city on Quadra Street, turn right onto Chatterton just before the highway.  From Chatterton, turn right onto Emily Carr Drive. Turn left at 4360 Emily Carr Drive into Foxborough Hills. At the T-junction, turn left and follow the road down the hill. The clubhouse is on the right, with parking just past it.

Nanaimo–Vancouver Island Regional Library–Nanaimo North Branch, 6250 Hammond Bay Road

From the south: From the Nanaimo Parkway, turn right at the Aulds Road exit. Go past Woodgrove Centre and through the Island Highway intersection.  Aulds Road turns into Hammond Bay Road at this point. If coming along the Island Highway, turn right at Hammond Bay Road. The library is on the left hand side, just past Calinda, at 6250 Hammond Bay Road. There’s free parking at the library.

From the north:  Take either exit 29 and follow until you reach Hammond Bay Road and turn left.  Or turn left at Aulds Road and follow as above if coming from the south.