MaryAnn Clarke – Be Mine This Time (Having it All Book 1)

From the award-winning author of The Art of Enchantment, comes Be Mine This Time, a compelling, heart-warming story of second chances, divided loyalties and the power of love to heal the wounds of the past.

Vancouver family mediator Kate O’Day adores her work in couple’s reconciliation, despite her own tragic history with relationships. If her current beau wasn’t getting too close for comfort, her life would be perfect.

With winter holidays fast approaching, Can Kate’s expertise and sensitivity save the latest young couple on the brink of divorce? She desperately needs this, her hundredth case, to secure a prestigious career award.

She’s looking forward to the case, until her client’s lawyer walks in, and turns her world upside-down.
Kate’s unrequited college love Simon Sharpe brings back memories both bitter and sweet, triggering her traumatic past. Too bad he’s a married man raising a little girl with his glamorous but damaged wife, the woman he chose over Kate fifteen years ago.

Working alongside Simon to steer their feuding clients towards reconciliation is the hardest thing Kate’s ever done. Every encounter opens old wounds she thought long healed.

When the case takes a disastrous turn for the worse, Kate must choose between protecting her career, the only thing that’s made her feel whole, and the relationship that tore her apart.
Will Kate risk everything she’s built for the one thing she always wanted most? Or is she headed for disaster and heartbreak?

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