MaryAnn Clarke – Before You Knew Me (Having it All Book 3)

Sometimes moving into a new future means letting go of the past. If two clashing agents of change can change they way they see each other – they might just change the world for good, and build a beautiful future together.

Attorney Sharon Beckett worked hard to lift her life out of the gutter. Her shameful scandalous past keeps her out of the limelight and firmly on the side of the establishment. And nothing else. In her mind, a pro-bono case for a skid row non-profit is the opposite of career advancement, but she’ll do what she must to climb that last corporate rung.

Passionate and angry social worker Kent Sawyer is determined to save troubled street kids by opening a much-needed shelter. But getting development approval depends on forging an unlikely alliance with a beautiful cold-hearted ice princess.

Scandal-averse Sharon, assigned to Kent’s project, could take on corrupt city officials and greedy developers to help him succeed, but she won’t. Until secrets from her past surface, and a dark turn of events forces her hand.

Can Sharon and Kent put their differences aside and learn to work together for the greater good, or will Kent’s dreams of righting the past by brightening the future implode before they even break ground?

Before You Knew Me is a full length stand alone novel and can be read independently of other books in the Having It All series.

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