MaryAnn Clarke – Making Room For You (Having it All Book 2)

What lengths will we go to for best friends, to heal broken families and to avoid best-laid plans getting derailed by the destiny that we deserve?

Gifted architect Alexa Jenner has a strategic plan for architectural stardom and the ultimate goal of an independent practice. She vitally needs a prestigious new project, but her boss and mentor-with-benefits stands in the way.

She grew up watching her mother pay a heavy price for love, at the loss of her freedom, her creativity and her identity– a price Alexa swore she would never pay. Now nothing will stand in the way of her success.

Bruce Koczynski has success in spades, living a life of leisure after selling his software company for millions. But money can’t buy the thing he was deprived of as a child, and desires most.

When crisis obliges them to jointly care for their best friends’ kids, a few weeks in each other’s company disrupts their carefully constructed plans. Alexa can scarcely afford the time, so sharing responsibilities with her sexy arch-nemesis is the only way it works, though the arrangement may be the death of her. Will the unexpected intimacy of playing house wreak havoc on their lives?

With Alexa’s world turned upside-down, she must question what she really wants in life—and in love. What will she choose when the design for her future seems beyond her control?

What is the price of sacrifice, when love is the prize?

From the award-winning author of The Art of Enchantment, comes Making Room for You, an inspiring, heart-warming enemies-to-lovers romantic women’s fiction tale. 

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