Shereen Vedam – The Cauldron Effect, Book 3, Love Spell in London

FACT: If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.

In 1816, having stolen a lovesick warlock’s last two hellhounds, Grace Elizabeth Adair, a healing witch, has been lying low in Callington for months, half fearing, half hoping their passionate master will show up to claim his hounds and perhaps notice her. The day he arrives, not only does she catch his eye, but also that of his fiendish dark fae mother.

Devlin Chase Dewer is bent on retrieving his hellhounds from a thieving witch so he can complete a mission to rid the Tower of London of an infestation of underworld creatures. If he succeeds, he will gain the approval of the Warlock Council, and be in a better position to wreck his revenge on the Coven Protectress who broke his heart and the Church Guard she chose over him.

All his plans for reprisal wash away, however, when he is unexpectedly drawn to the enchanting light-fingered witch. Still, Dewer knows this new ill-thought longing is unlikely to lead anywhere. If witches and warlocks constantly warring with each other wasn’t enough to spoil any chance at his and Grace’s relationship lasting longer than a one night encounter, his witch-hating mother has shown up, intent on putting a spoke in his romantic inclinations.

Come join USA Today bestselling author Shereen Vedam as she brings her epic Cauldron Effect series to an unforgettable close as a Regency witch and warlock break with tradition to pry open a Wyhcan door that has been shut for centuries.