MaryAnn Clarke – Single Dad in Studio 7D

Lucy Clough, a psychology researcher who has taken time out to focus on the one thing she needs to do: publish her adored late grandfather’s memoirs. Time is short, and Lucy can’t afford distractions.

Until she meets the sad, sweet and sexy single dad in Studio 7D.

Jean Phillipe Roche is a widower with two small children with one mission: to honour his wife’s memory by being the best father he can be. Nothing can get in his way, especially the captivating woman who has moved in next door.

But is sacrificing their chance at new love and happiness the only way to appease the guilt they feel over their lost loved ones? Or can they find a new love in each other and move on?

If you like stories of single dads who find new love, scroll up and grab your copy today.

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