Past Events

A look back at the variety of events we’ve offered.

October 13, 2018
Level Up Your Reader Engagement Through a Mailing List Makeover with CJ Hunt

September 8, 2018
All-day workshop on craft and marketing with Shannon Mayer

July 14, 2018
VIRA Annual Summer Picnic

June 9, 2018
Managing Your Author Career with Darcy Burke

May 5, 2018
Successful Self-Publishing with Debra Holland

April 14, 2018
The Challenge of Conflict with Susan Fox

March 10, 2018
Collaborative Creativity for Writers with Lee McKenzie, Rachel Goldsworthy, Shelley Adina, and Sharon Ashwood

February 10, 2018
Valentine’s Luncheon at the Fireside Grill

January 13, 2018
A Novelist’s Best Friend–Tried and True Screenwriting Techniques with Solveig McLaren

November 4, 2017
How Not to Get Lost in Translation with Brenna Aubrey

October 14, 2017
Creating Brilliant Beginnings in Storytelling with Vanessa Grant

September 9, 2017
All day workshop with Susan Wiggs

July 8, 2017
VIRA Annual Summer Picnic

June 17, 2017
Build a Writing Life You Love (and Sell More Books): A Mini Survive—and Thrive!—Workshop with Ev Bishop

May 6, 2017
Editing Tips: From Polishing Your Manuscript to Working with an Editor with Susan Lyons

April 8, 2017
Writing Series That Sell with Vivian Arend

March 11, 2017
Writing the Back-Cover Blurb: A Hands-On Workshop with Shelley Adina

February  18, 2017
Valentine’s Luncheon at the Four Mile House Pub

January 14, 2017
Brand Tune-up with Cora Seton

November 12, 2016
Free your Creativity with Collage with LizAnn Carson

October 8, 2016
SEO—What Is It and Why Does It Matter? with Pat Amsden



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