Shereen Vedam – The Cauldron Effect, The Complete Series

Stories of old tell of a place like this…

Fleeing a dying world, Wyhcans land on Earth in the early fifteen hundreds in the hope of finding a safe haven. Instead, their alien magic misfires, frightening the local humans and setting off witch hunts. Seeking peace, a group of Wyhcans set sail to England.

Trouble soon finds them there as well when old wounds between genders release the very terror they hoped to escape. This time, they hunker down, hoping to avoid detection. Three hundred years later, during the heyday of the Regency era, a chance to heal old wounds entices them out of hiding. But is it truly safe?

Find out in these three books in this boxed set:

  • Coven at Callington
  • Warlock from Wales
  • Love Spell in London

If you enjoy witchy tales and magical worlds, the three delightful Fantasy Regency Romances in this boxed set will gift you with a glimpse into what truly exists all around us.