Shereen Vedam – The Cauldron Effect, Book 2, Warlock from Wales

A historian in search of truth. A warlock charged to stop her.

In 1816, eighteen-year-old historian MARY BRYGHT is accosted by a terrifying magical villain who threatens to destroy her brother if he doesn’t reject his latest royal commission. Rushing home, she discovers that not only is she too late to stop her brother, but he’s left a letter begging her to assist him by recording the details of a three-centuries-old stunning secret event.

At his father’s death, HUGH RENFREW PRICE is yanked from his warlock apprenticeship by the Warlock Council and ordered to take up his father’s mantle as Earl of Flint. If attending boring House of Lords sessions to spy on human politicians wasn’t a bad enough chore, the Prince Regent then instructs Hugh to safeguard a human female on a mission the Warlock Council insists Hugh must sabotage. However, when he meets his delightful charge, Hugh decides that life may not be so terrible after all.

Just as Hugh starts to enjoy his latest assignment, another warlock, partnered with a voracious water demon, steals Mary from under Hugh’s nose. Recovering her becomes his greatest challenge, while Mary learns that not all Warlocks are created equal. Yet, how can she trust Hugh after she learns he’s out to stop her mission? Finding love in this mire of intrigue will take more than magic. It might just require some unique human ingenuity.

If you enjoy stories where humans match wits against supernatural might, you’ll love this magical chase across a Regency-English Countryside to preserve the integrity of history.